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    After Service Instrument of Commitment


    Honorific consumer:


    Thanks for you to use the products made from HuBei ChengLi Special Automobile Co.,LTD. Our quality policy is the advanced technique, high quality and reliable service.

     Free service scheme and time limit.


    1, Flow-up service time limit: lifetime


    2, If the products were normally used,free service is provided for one year or 10000Km from the date of supply.Above oneyear,you will need pay for the accessories only.


    3,Reaction time of free service: in 24 hours in HuBei Province.


    After service:


    After service manager:  Shi Zhijin  (13872886161)


    Tel:++86 722 3816599      Fax:++86 722 3812333



    DongFeng—HuBei ChengLi Special Automobile Co.,LTD

    ADD:South Suburb ChengLi Automobile Industry Park,SuiZhou City,HuBei Province,China.


    Tel:++86 722 3818068    3817068    Fax:++86 722 3819719

    Export Manager:  Cheng Bo ( 13872881519)  Yin Guolin( 13872889100)

    la manufacture célèbre fabriquant les véhicules spécialisés——Hubei Chengli Automobile spécialisée SARL
    © 2008-2009 Hubei ChengLi Automobile spécialisée SARL 
    ligne service gratuit: 800-880-7888
    Adresse:Chengligongyeyuan·nanjiaoqu·pingyuangang·SuiZhou·Chine HUBEI Chengli SARL tous droits réservés